Submission of articles is a two-step process. To submit an article, you must first send an abstract of no more than 150 words via e-mail to the editor-in-chief. If your abstract falls within the scope of PsyArt Journal and the interest areas of our readership, the editor-in-chief will then ask you to submit the full article.

Abstract and Author Information

In your first contact e-mail to the editor-in-chief include the following:

  • Your name, affiliation, address, e-mail address.
  • The title of the article.
  • Up to six keywords or catch phrases that describe the proposed article. Include words important to your article that do not appear in the title, such as repeatedly cited authors, important technical terms, titles of literary works referred to, and the like.
  • A 150-word abstract. Mind that 150 words are the absolute maximum. The abstract must be text-only. (In the final article, you can use tables, graphics, but not in the abstract.)

Review Process

All articles are peer reviewed by two reviewers, who present their judgment and recommendations to the editor-in-chief. Authors and reviewers will not know each other’s names. Reviewers may suggest revision of the manuscript and/or resubmission. The editor in chief provides authors with a condensed report of the peer reviewers’ recommendations. The editor-in-chief has final say in cases where peer reviewers are split on the issue of publication.

Copyright Policy

PsyArt Journal does not require you to transfer all or part of your copyright, only that you give PsyArt Journal perpetual permission to publish your manuscript, once it has been accepted, on the web and in any other form that future developments will make appropriate.

You, as author, keep the copyright, and are free to maintain the article at another site of your own choosing or in print or with any other publisher.

We will include a copyright notice with your article and with your abstract, giving you copyright and all rights. It will be up to you to register copyright formally if you wish (in those countries where this is a requirement).

If your manuscript includes parts for which you do not hold copyright (e.g. long quotations, or your previously published material for which you have transferred your copyright, or reproductions of works of art), you must supply PsyArt Journal with written permission of the copyright holders. If you are in doubt whether parts of your manuscript are copyright by third parties, please consult with the editor-in-chief.

We do not re-publish articles that have already appeared in print or on-line (except in extraordinary cases, to be determined on an individual basis).

Manuscript checklist

Before submitting, please check to make sure your manuscript follows all of these guidelines.


The manuscript should be written in Author-Date (Chicago Style) format and that format should be used consistently throughout. This holds for title, abstract, references, citations, footnotes etc.

The manuscript should be carefully proofread for misspellings and typos. If not, it will be rejected out of hand.

All indications of author identity should be removed from the body of the article.

All pages should be numbered in sequence.

Title Page and Abstract

The name(s) of the author(s) should appear only on title page.

The abstract should appear on a separate page after the title page, and it must be no longer than 150 words.

Paragraphs and Headings

Each paragraph should be longer than a single sentence, but not longer than one manuscript page.

Headings should accurately reflect the organization of the paper.

Heading titles should be concise and accurately reflect the content of the section.


All notes should be indicated in the text and the superscript numbers correctly located.

Tables, figures, graphics

Tables, figures (i.e. line drawings) and graphics (images) should be labeled with the correct table or figure number. Captions should be included as one separate text file for all tables, figures and graphics.

Tables and figures should be mentioned in the text and numbered in the order in which they are mentioned. Graphics should be captioned or numbered as appropriate.

These should each be submitted in a separate file: Tables in the format of your word processor; figures and graphics in TIFF, EPS, SVG or JPEG files.

File format

All files should be sent in Microsoft Word docx format or file formats compatible therewith.

Copyright and Quotations

In case of quotation of previously published work include written permission in a separate e-mail.