Volume 18 (2014)

A Freudian Reading of John Fowles’ “The Ebony Tower”
by Wisam Kh. Abdul Jabbar — January 17

Into the Zone of the Interior: A Novel View of Anti-Psychiatry
by Adrian Chapman — January 17

Emanuel Swedenborg, Transpersonal Psychology and the Literary Text
by Robert W. Rix — February 2

Pedro Almodovar’s La Piel que habito: a psychoanalytical case study
by Robert Silhol — February 2

Blake’s “Book of Thel” and the Stimulus Barrier
by Thomas R. Frosch — February 20

Disruptions of the Real in Almodóvar’s Films: The Psychological Perspective in Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (1980) and Matador (1986)
by Inma Cívico-Lyons — February 20

Snarling into the Abyss: An analytical account of the psychological meaning of distortion in Francis Bacon’s (1909 – 1992) portraiture
by Stephen Quigley and Mark A. Elliot — February 20

Wordsworth’s prescient baby: Conceptions of the mother-infant relationship in the development of the Self 1790s-1890s
by Emilia Halton-Hernandez — February 20

More than Tattoos: Rhetorical Discourse and Autism in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
by John J. Marinan — March 10

Paroxysms of the Mind: Narration, Consciousness, and the Self in William Godwin’s Things as They Are; Or, The Adventures of Caleb Williams
by James J. Fiumara — May 18

The Philosopher and the Beast: Plato’s Fear of Tragedy
by Maria S. Kardaun — May 18

Freud’s “Uncanny” (Unheimlich) in David Vogel’s Married Life: Impressionism and Expressionism in a Belligerent Relationship
by Heddy Shait — June 7

What happens when the body matters?: Phantom transmissions and corporeal textualities in the life and work of Olive Schreiner and J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace
by Asher Pandjiris — June 14

Understanding the Significance and Purpose of Violence in the Short Stories of Roald Dahl
by Suneel S. Mehmi — June 14

Looking for the Secret: Death and Desire in The Prestige
by Stuart Joy — June 14

Every Day is a Box for the Reaper Crew: The Quest for Death Transcendence and Conflicting Moral Virtues in Sons of Anarchy?
by Jonathan F. Bassett — August 2

Oral Stage as a “Strange Attractor” in Kechiche’s Film The Secret of the Grain
by Diniz Cayolla Ribeiro — August 2

The subject, the object and the law : Jacques Lacan’s object a and « Le Graphe »
by Robert Silhol — August 5

Is This Her Fault or Mine?
by Laura B. Vogel and Murray M. Schwartz — August 8

The trauma of the flashback: memory and its suffering (negotiated through Gerhard Richter’s painting ‘September.’)
by Anna Walker — October 14

‘Knots’: Drawing out Threads of the Literary Laing
by Adrian Chapman — November 11

The neuro-philosophy of archetype in visual aesthetics: from Plato to Zeki and beyond
by Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay — December 12

Happening to Oneself: Zen, Taoism, and Jungian Individuation as Paths to Spirituality in Edward Gorey’s The Object Lesson and Shel Silverstein’s The Missing Piece.
by Andrew M. Spencer — December 12

Mother-Daughter Ambivalence According to Sigmund Freud and Chantal Akerman
by Missy Molloy — December 14