Volume 21 (2017)

Articles Volume 21 (2017)

The Lady in the Van and the Challenge to Psycho; On the Political Uses of Psychoanalytic Imagery in Film
by Daniel Brennan — January 26

Lady Macbeth and Rebecca West: The Masculine Woman’s Oedipal Complex
by Yael Greenberg — January 26

Jamesian and Freudian Rhetoric and Themes in Virginia Woolf’s Literary Manifestos
by Alexander Venetis — January 26

Iconic Eccentricity: The Meaning of Victorian Novelty Taxidermy
by Rachel Youdelman — January 31

Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism: A Defense
by Alan G. Gross — March 22

Agents of Anxiety and Disintegration: The Double Motif in the Jewish-American Discourse
by Munir Ahmed Al-Aghberi — April 2

Literary and Visual Expression of Dual Descent in Iron Hans
by Mary A. Bricker — May 4

The Evolution of Feeling-dominated Response in Norman N. Holland’s Theory of Literature
by Nicholas O. Pagan — July 10

(Super)Heroism as a Response to the Awareness of Death: Existential Lessons From The Amazing Spider-Man 2
by Jonathan F. Bassett — July 29

‘Alas Poor Yorick!’: Hamlet and Kristeva’s Imaginary Father
by Elise Denbo — July 29

The Anatomy of Shame: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of the Self in Iraq War Memoirs
by Geoffrey A. Wright — August 13

Narcissism, Melancholia and the Manifestation of Suffering in Shutter
by Shana Sanusi — September 17

Crowd Psychology and the Heterotopic Imaginary in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway
by Margrét Gunnarsdóttir Champion — December 11